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Nellie's Wow Too Mop


It’s bigger too.  It’s better too.  It’s almost TOO good to be true, too!  It’s the WOW MOP too point-0!  (Do you see what we’re doing here?  It was the boss’s idea...)The new and improved version of the Nellie’s WOW MOP comes with a telescopic handle, removable reservoir, replaceable battery, scrub and polish pads and more! 

Cordless and rechargeable, with a 1 hour running time, the Nellie's WOW TOO is incredibly easy to use. Even grandma can do it! With high-frequency pads that oscillate 1050 x per minute, the mop removes dirt and grime effortlessly.

Featuring a powerful headlight that turns on automatically in dark spaces, means you can wipe away dust bunnies hiding under the bed AND save your mop's battery life!

The WOW TOO comes with a pair of Nellie's Scrub & Polish Pads, which are reusable and machine washable.

For best results, use a 1:3 ratio of Floor Care to water.


Nellie’s WOW TOO comes with a two-year replacement warranty when purchased through Nellie’s or an authorized retailer for residential use. Warranty is 90 days for commercial use.


The use of vinegar in your WOW TOO will make your warranty null and void. Vinegar, (while being a great natural cleaner) is corrosive, even in weak solutions. It contains a pH around 2.5 making it very acidic. If used in the WOW TOO, it can cause parts to corrode and damage the unit. The WOW TOO Warranty will cover the use of cleaners with a neutral PH (anything above a 7).


How to Use:

Dispense Floor Care into the tank removable reservoir, release the handle, press the power button and let the WOW TOO do the work.
Your floors will be spotless, and your mother-in-law speechless. WOW, indeed!

Lithium battery voltage: 2000 mAh, 35 W
Run time: 64
Charge time: 1-3 hours
Oscillation/vibration rate: 1050 cycles per minute

Nellie's Wow Too Mop

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