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Reviews for Hilltop Vacuums:  

We value the feedback from our customers, and want to share with our current and prospective customers.

9/15/2021  Jenny,  I wanted to let you know my experience when I got home and used the new Riccar in our carpet.  Even with having a pretty high end Miele that I thought was doing a good job, I was amazed how much the Riccar pulled up. We vacuum regularly so that amazed me. I love the dirt sensor so you know to go back over an area.  There were two areas in front of our sofa that were sort of matted and not as clean as the rest of the carpet. The Riccar made it look new.  Actually, the way it groomed the carpet everywhere really made our 5 year old carpet look new again. One of my concerns was being hard to push. That was not the case at all. It almost pulls itself ahead. It’s very easy to push and maneuver.  Switching to attachments is really easy and I love the floor tool.We have spent a lot of money over the years on good vacuums and never really found a good fit. I think we did this time. Thanks again for the great service and we will see you when it’s time for it’s one year visit.   Michael and Bob

May 2023  I recently bought a vacuum from Jenny here, as the first one I had from them for over 10 years died. I didn’t know exactly what would be best for my household needs, but after talking with Jenny she recommended the Riccar 25 Series Premium model. This is by far the best vacuum I’ve ever used, and I have a great deal of experience in the custodial/janitorial service industry. I would recommend doing service with this company to anyone, they are truly knowledgeable, stand behind their products, and take the best care of their customers.  Amber

2022   Every time I've gone here I've always had a great experience, despite them not carrying my brand of vacuum. They've been able to do all the minor maintenance I've needed for my vacuum at great prices, without trying to sell me services or products I don't want or need. I will always recommend this business for anybody with vacuum needs. They also sell new and used vacuums at reasonable rates, should you ever need.  Trevor

2022  There's not a bad product or employee in the place! I had just moved into a unit near the store and needed a vacuum so I thought I would try and give my business to somebody that isn't Walmart, and I'm glad I did. I bought a used vacuum since my apartment has very little carpet. The thing was impeccably clean and runs like a beast, plus they threw in a bunch of free bags. You'll get more than you pay for here!  Anon

2/25/2022 I had amazing and quick service today! After having a belt issue the staff at Hilltop worked quickly to repair and clean my vacuum the same day. I’m so appreciative!  Jen

2022  Great customer service, explained the vacuum's features so I could understand. Very helpful.  Bill

2021  Helpful and knowledgeable staff. When you're ready to ditch your disposable walmart vacuum cleaner come here. Parts wear out but those parts can be inexpensively replaced without replacing the whole vacuum cleaner. I can't say enough good things about these guys.  Ryan

2021  Best place for vacuum repair and new purchases. Our son has always lived vacuums and the owner is wonderful and indulges him.  Ann

2021  Wonderful service. Very knowledgeable.  Angela   

2021  Great customer service and care.  Diane

2020  They were very helpful and informative and also loaded the carpet cleaner into my truck!!  Krista

2020  Very informative. Knows all about vacuums. Very helpful and professional. Thank you.  Anne

3/25/2020 Great customer service! Very efficient on ordering my vacuum bags! I highly recommended them to others! Thank you all for your great customer service!  Michelle

2019  My wife and I just purchased a new Simplicity vacuum from Hilltop Vacuums Plus. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and answered all the questions we had. They took our old vacuum on trade-in and I felt we were given a very fair deal. We would highly recommend this local business over a bigbox store if you’re looking to get your current vacuum repaired or looking to buy new.   Travis

2019  Great service. Great products. A better place to shop then any big box store.  Jason

2019  Nice people, very accommodating and they don't sell junk!  Tomajean

6/17/2019  Great service and people!  Dawn

12/11/2018  I took my beloved 30 year old Hoover to Hilltop Vacuums for repair. Mark offered me options, but I decided it was time to say goodbye to my trusted old reliable appliance. Great service, knowledgeable, and helpful. RIP Montgomery Ward Hoover. Hello new Simplicity upright!  Dawn


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